The Indian Direct Marketplace has a flexible return and refund policy. The return and refund policy is designed in a way so that our Customers get maximum benefit and satisfaction; which is our ultimate goal. As the products are delivered through shipping; there is a chance that the items may get damaged during transit; mainly incase of beverage bottles, pickle and chutney jars etc, in case this is part of ordered items. Customers can claim their money or else request to exchange their damaged item in a form of refund credit.

Regarding return & refund policy, you can also refer to the individual vendor /  Shop Owner/ Supplier policies as well. This is because sometime return policy; refund policy varies from vendor to vendor and is also based on the products that they sell.

When any purchase is executed and billed through and in the absence of a solution mutually suitable to the buyer and vendor, you can contact customer care on the provided e-mail

The complaint should reach us in 4 hours in case of perishable items and within 24 Hrs for non-perishable purchases. We request you to send us the email with a picture & video of the products; along with reason for refund. The India Direct Team should be your first point of contact for any such complaint; as this will help you to get your return/refund process completed faster and with less confusion. In such a case, where the complaint is found to be of genuine nature, we will refund any payments already made by you for the order within 8-10 days ; in your bank account. The refund of paid amount will get credited directly to your debit / credit card from which payment was made. This will be after deduction of delivery charges and bank transaction fees, which are non-refundable.

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